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Christian Gaard Bygdetun is a charming inn & pub in the tiny farming settlement of Trandal in Hjørundfjord, located smack in the middle of the Norwegian Alp’s impressive mountains.

In the late nineties, the old farmhouse was restored and converted into a pub/inn.

This was the childhood home of Frank Storeide, where he would against all the odds, build up a public serving place. Instead of milking goats he would now milk tourists, as he himself would have said.

“I want to milk tourists, not goats!” - Frank Storeide

Courses/conferences, etc

Frank, the originator of all the clever and exciting ideas, unfortunately died before he could finish everything he had set out to do. But, we as his successors work onward in the same spirit.

Facility upgrades in recent years makes it possible for us to accommodate company trips & outings, weddings and large festivals.

Christian Gaard is also perfect for courses and conferences, and is an ideal starting-point for outdoor tourists searching for a fantastic nature experience in the Norwegian Alps.

If desired, we can gladly transport skiers up to the snowline in Trandal Valley if the snow has begun to creep a bit upwards.

We offer good food and drink in a cozy little atmosphere and are ready to receive you for an experience you are not likely to forget.

We look forward to welcoming you! - Christian Gaard Bygdetun